Welcome to my personal website. My name is Željko Tadić.


13 years ago, or more precisely, in 2004. I bought my first camera. It was a very simple camera with fixed lens and digital zoom which didn't offer quality even for a non-demanding amateur photographer. This was a period which required a lot of work and effort in order to get satisfying results from a bad camera. Each year brought new experience and knowledge but also higher quality standards in order to achieve better photographs. When camera features were too limiting that not even experience could give decent results, it was a time to buy a new equipment. This brings us to the year of 2010 when I got in posesion of Canon Powershot SX20IS. Following years were the most productive period in which I had an opportunity to make first professional steps.

But, the real revolution came with the year 2016. when I bought Nikon D750.


What I missed in previous years was an equipment that offers confidence to make a hoby grow into a profession. Nikon D750 gives that. This camera paired with AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G lens is a perfect combination even for most demanding photography tasks, wether it is landscape or portrait photography. While in the past I focus on landscapes and nature photography, now I aim to switch to portraits with natural and artificial light.


Photography often comes with video, and video naturally comes with audio. Video and audio editing is another skill I learned especially with Adobe tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects (for audio mixing I use Adobe Audition).

For a good promotion in a dynamic age we live in it is mandatory to be online. Websites are required for a complete promotion of persons, services or products. Web design was always one of my main interests to which I dedicated a big part of my time. This website that you are reading right now is a result of my skills of web design and development.