Photography is one of my main interests. In the late 90s when computers became affordable and contacts with them became more frequent, I was in a situation to use tools for photography editing.

At first I didn't spend much time taking photographs as much as I spent editing them in tools like Jasc Paint Shop (which later became Corel Paint Shop). I admit, transition to Adobe Photoshop was hard and I rarely used Photoshop 7 (except for few filters I liked).

After I bought few "mediocre" cameras my knowledge of photo editing improved a lot because those photographs needed to be heavily edited to look good. During this period I accepted Photoshop after I realized it's advantages in situations when I needed to handle bad photos.

Finally, in 2010. I've got a modest but reliable Canon PowerShot SX20IS and this is the period when most of my photographs came into being. In most cases Photoshop editing included just small corrections like contrast and exposure, but a use of a green screen allowed me to express my imagination and creativity.

In my case photography was mainly an amateur business, but when I bought Nikon D750 this created an opportunity to become a professional photographer. Up to now I focus mainly to nature and macro photography but I tend to shift to portraits as a professional.


Killarney, Ireland

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