Gantry 5

If you recently went to download Gantry framework you probably were confused for a moment because you were taken to totally different website. But after that first shock you realized that you were at the right place but still were probably wondering what happened to Gantry you wanted to download.

Well, the answer lies in a simple fact that the framework is upgraded to version 5. Gantry is hard to recognize both in front end and back end. New template, Hydrogen, brings a modern design which reminds of Google's material design which is refreshing. While still in beta you can download the framework and use it (even though it is not recommended for real websites because future updates may break it). By the own words of the creator, Rockettheme: "Gantry 5 is a ground-up rewrite of the popular and powerful Gantry framework. Focusing on speed, flexibility, and extensibility, Gantry 5 offers the features you need to build sites for the future."

If this turns to be true we may enjoy this little revolution for many years to come. Some of the new features it brings are, Particles, little peaces of code to design template "on the fly", so to speak, improved administration, better font support, Twig templating, YAML-driven Configuration and many more (the list of features can be found on the official website for Gantry framework I will get into details of new features in the coming period but if you want to know more about it you can try it by yourself and even participate in the project developing by giving your thoughts about the beta release.