It took a little more than planned but Joomla 3.5 is officially published. In the oficial announcement it is said that the new version brings 34 new features of which some of them I wrote in the test of the Joomla 3.5 second Beta.

 Probably the most important feature is the support for PHP 7 which supposedly brings a significant increase in a website performance and speed which is never a bad thing. Another good thing is a new update system which periodically checks for updates and notifies an administrator when they get available for download which is very useful if you don't login to a website every day.

What I like the most is possibility to insert modules in an article which was a real struggle in previous versions. Now you can do it with a simple click on a button. But this is not the only thing that got simpler in Joomla 3.5. Images now can be added to articles by simply dragging them to where you want them to be. I wish though that there are more drag & drop features in Joomla.

Official announcement can be read on the official Joomla website: